Graham plays guitar in Motus.  He also sets up the PA. That’s the big noisy boxes that they use to make everything heard.  The band call Graham’s new amp The Howitzer as they think it’s a bit loud.  It’s not, they just think it is.  Must be the blue light.  It is German, though.  He plays a Reverend Rocco guitar, from Detroit, that is slowly being dissolved by his acidic sweat.  He brings lots of other guitars to gigs with every intention of playing them instead, but rarely does.  He likes cooking, and eating, and beer, probably in some other order.  He really likes beer. Graham is married to Liz and believes that one day she will actively participate in setting up something for the gig, and be even vaguely interested when he asks her to sound check her vocal microphone. Graham is a fool and is easily led.  Graham loves music though so he is happy...

Graham Charman - Guitar

Leeds/Bradford band Motus originally formed in 2004 and started writing songs together and performing them all over the North of England, including many of the North’s largest biker festivals.

After a few early demos the band recorded their debut album ‘CONTENT’ in 2008, which is a collection of the best of their earlier self-penned material.

However, times change and the Motus live set is now exclusively a diverse collection of classic rock and pop covers from artists such as The Who, Skunk Anansie, Fleetwood Mac, The Police, AC/DC, Guns n Roses, Tom Petty, Heart and The Pretenders.

Motus have earned an enviable reputation as one of the areas most entertaining and sought after bands - be sure to check them out at a venue near you soon...


Welcome to the Motus website The Band...

Liz Charman - Voice

 Liz sings in Motus. She isn’t concerned about the wattage, the buttons, the acoustical properties or the dynamic range of anything. She sings.  And that’s cool because she does it really, really well. She does complain about everything being too loud.  Especially Graham.  If you were married to him  then you probably would complain too, so that’s fair enough.  Liz does PR for Motus too, which encourages stalkers and makes the rest of the band fitter as she doesn’t lift any of the really heavy boxes we use to make her vocals good and loud.  We all love Liz, especially Graham, who didn’t write this.

Mike Stringer - Bass

Mike plays bass in Motus.  Mike justifies his place in the band by lifting the heaviest parts of the PA system, running their web site and making the others feel slimmer.  He owns a collection of 5-string bass guitars that allow him to rest his thumb while playing the other 4 strings, and he uses lots of effects pedals which make him sound much better than he really is.  His favourite bass is an Ibanez Doug Wimbish signature bass, a beautiful instrument and thankfully much lighter than any other bass he has ever owned.  Mike also loves music and playing bass in Motus makes him very happy indeed, despite his reputation as being rather grumpy.

Ian ‘Ely’ Uden - Drums

Ely is back!  Original Motus man Ian ‘Ely’ Uden has returned after a five year absence to once more occupy his rightful place as Motus drummer!

Ely played and co-wrote the music on the Motus album ‘Content’, where his blend of rock and fusion style playing gave the original music a unique groove that was sadly missed and impossible to replace once he left the band all those years ago.

All four of us are thrilled to be back in our original line-up, to be able to revisit the old Motus songs and to be a creative entity once more.  

Welcome back Ely!

Motus are currently performing the music of:

Fleetwood Mac



Def Leppard

Stevie Nicks

The Pretenders



Guns n Roses

The Police

Alanis Morrisette


Lynyrd Skynyrd

And many more!